Power Vision Licenses

Power Vision licenses allow a single device to flash tunes to multiple vehicles. The Power Vision comes with a single built-in license; the device will automatically pair to the first flashed vehicle, but after that, a new license is required for each additional vehicle.

Get a License
  1. Connect your Power Vision to the vehicle that should be licensed, then turn the key on for at least 30 seconds. Ensure that the symbol in the top-left corner of the screen is a pair of arrows and NOT an X. This step reads vehicle information and saves it to the Power Vision for a later step. After confirming the arrows, turn the vehicle off and disconnect the Power Vision. Note: This should NOT be the same vehicle that the Power Vision is already paired to.
  2. Create a Dynojet Tune License account by clicking here.
  3. After your account has been created, purchase a license for your vehicle type here.
  4. Install Dynojet Power Core software to your Windows-based PC, which can be downloaded from this page.
  5. Start Power Core once installation has been completed, then click the "C3" app icon from the Power Core Application Launcher.
  6. Using the included USB Mini-B cable, connect your Power Vision to your PC.
  7. Click the "Tools" tab at the top of the C3 window, then "Power Vision Licensing".
  8. A dialog will pop-up asking which type of Power Vision to license - select "New Devices" on the right.
  9. Enter the email and password that you used to create your account in step 2, then click "Login".
  10. Now, go to the "New License" tab and click "Load PV Info" - the vehicle's VIN, ECU ID, and Tune Compat should now populate.

    If you see the dialog below, STOP! Repeat step 1, then try this step again.
  11. Click "Create License" to complete the process. A confirmation dialog will ask you to double-check your vehicle details; if everything looks correct, press "Yes" to continue.
  12. You should see a dialog stating that the license was saved to your Power Vision device. Congratulations, your license has been installed. Don't forget to download tunes here.